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The Finka Token

What are Finka tokens?

The Finka token is an ERC20 compatible token, which means it’s a smart contract that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. You can transfer or store the Token using any Ethereum-based wallet.

What can the Finka tokens be used for?

The Finka token is a revenue share token. Each token gives its holder the right to 1/10’000’000 of the top-line revenue of our cattle ranch La Pradera.

How does a revenue sharing token work?

Revenue sharing tokens are a new way to invest. They let the issuer share the economic success of a venture with investors without giving up control or ownership. The revenue will be shared amongst the token holders, with 1 token giving you 1/10’000’000 of the total. Naturally, token holders will be given access to an audited financial report about our La Pradera ranch in Bolivia.

Does the Finka token qualify as a security?

There is no universal definition of a security. In every jurisdiction, regulators have different assessment criteria. FINMA, the Swiss regulator, has defined a guidance where they classify tokens into three categories: payment tokens, utility tokens, and asset tokens. The Finka token meets the definition of an asset token, which is generally considered the Swiss equivalent of a security token.

How do I purchase a Finka Security Token?

Simply click on the 'BUY TOKEN' button on the top right on this website. Our onboarding wizard will then ask a few questions and you will be given instructions on how to proceed further depending on your jurisdiction.

What is the minimum/maximum I can invest?

The minimum investment amount is CHF 500, which gets you 500 Finka Tokens. The number of tokens that are still available for sale is about 4.2m (out of 9.5m tokens in total).

How many tokens do I get for my money?

One Finka token is priced at 1 Swiss Franc. If you invest CHF 10’000, you will get 10’000 Finka tokens.

How can I store my tokens safely?

The Finka token is a ERC20 compatible token, which means you can store it on any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens (MyEtherWallet, Trezor, Ledger, etc.). There are a number of ERC20 compatible wallets available on iOS and Android. We will make a recommendation when the tokens get issued after the public sale.
In case you want to experiment with other ERC20 tokens on your desktop computer in a browser until then, you may want to check out Metamask. Here is a brief instructional video on how to add ERC20 tokens to Metamask. As far as mobile is concerned, Metamask is only available as experimental software on iOS (via Testflight) and Android, so we cannot make a mobile recommendation at this point yet. To learn more about Metamask, and wallets in general, check out this well written explanation
You can also keep the token in a „paper wallet“ (we have a beautiful credit card sized „paper“ (actually plastic) wallet, which we are happy to send to any investor with more than 1’000 tokens).

How can I get your beautifully designed, credit card shaped plastic wallet?

Technically speaking, this wallet is a „paper wallet“, which means public and private keys are pre-printed on the wallet, with the private key of course being behind a seal so it cannot be seen without scratching the seal off. If you have purchased at least 1’000 Finka tokens and want one of these cards, send us an email to info@finka.ch and we’ll ship one to you free of charge!

Can you recommend a wallet where I can put in my tokens?

We will make a recommendation for a suitable wallet after the conclusion of our public sale.

Can I use my Coinbase wallet to store the token?

You should never use your Coinbase wallet for the Finka token, or any other ERC20 tokens for that matter. Sending an ERC20 token to your Coinbase Ethereum wallet will likely result in the loss of funds.
There are a number of ERC20 compatible wallets available on iOS and Android. We will make a recommendation when the tokens get issued after the public sale.
See „How can I store my tokens safely“ for more information on keeping your tokens safe.

Investing in the Finka Token

Why do I have to register when I buy a token?

In compliance with Swiss regulation, we need to do KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) checks on all our investors. The funds for your investment will remain safe in escrow at Bank Frick until the tokens are issued to you. The tokens will be issued once the required KYC/AML checks have been completed and the public sale has been concluded.
We therefore ask you to kindly go through the onboarding process with our partner Tokengate. You can do so securely by creating an account at https://finka.tokengate.io. On that site, you will be asked to provide means of identification and personal data, such as your address and nationality - very similar to the KYC process a bank goes through with each new customer.
The data you provide during the onboarding will only be used in connection with the Finka token sale and not be shared with any third parties.

Will you be sharing any of my data with someone else?

The data you provide during the onboarding will only be used in connection with the Finka token sale and not be shared with any third parties.

Do I need to own bitcoin or ethereum to purchase a token?

No, not necessarily.
While it is possible to purchase Finka tokens with Bitcoin or Ether, we also accept traditional „fiat“ currency (EUR or CHF). The Finka tokens you will be receiving require a crypto wallet, but not to worry, the investor portal will help you generate a secure one instantly and easily.

What returns can I expect from investing in Cattle?

We expect a payout of about 4-8% per year. While investment returns can never be guaranteed, that is what the range of returns have been historically for the last 20 years at the La Pradera cattle ranch. Naturally, we believe that a more sophisticated approach to ranching (i.e. herd management) will help us achieve the higher end of this range.

Why is now a good time to invest in the cattle industry?

The beef and veal industry has seen continued global growth year over year.
Bolivia boasts over 9 million head of cattle with a cost-competitive advantage for export market expansion to China and other Asian countries.
There is a shift in a maturing market to asset-based digital securities of previously illiquid real investable assets - tradeable 24/7 in a legally compliant way.
Our offering eliminates the barriers of conventional investment instruments which are beyond the reach of regular investors in size and commitment.
This asset class has little to no correlation with traditional asset classes (equity, bonds etc..) and therefore is a very attractive addition to diversify an investment portfolio.

How can I verify the authenticity of this project?

There are several ways, one a little more fun than the other.
Firstly, as a token holder, you can always visit the ranch and check everything for yourself. Other than the cost of getting there, this is a fringe benefit we give token holders for free (Terms & Conditions apply).
Secondly, we provide audited financial reports to all token holders that let you verify that you’re getting your share of the revenue.
Thirdly, we have extensive due diligence material available, including documents of landownership, registration of the usufruct, tax rulings and more. Please get in touch with us if you want access to these documents and the data room.

How long do I have to wait after I’ve sent you the money until I get my tokens?

The funds for your investment are held at Bank Frick in a sub-account of our AML provider Capital Management Partner AG, Zurich, who acts as the escrow agent.

How liquid will this token be? Is it easy to enter and exit my position in Finka tokens?

The future liquidity of this asset is a hard question to answer. At this point, there is no way to list a security token fully legally, even though some coins have been listed in jurisdictions with less strict regulatory oversight. That, however, is not an avenue we want to pursue. Instead, we watch this space as a number of exchanges and trading facilities in more preferable jurisdictions are working on that problem. Once „good“ places are established, we will make an effort listing the Finka token there. Even then it’s hard to say how liquid the token will be and what the daily trading volume is going to be. What is always possible, however, is to buy and sell the token privately, amongst individuals. The Finka token will allow for Peer-to-Peer transactions and if enough people show an interest, we may list buyers and sellers on our website or ask a bank to do it on our behalf. Still, we're hopeful we’ll have „legal“ trading of security tokens sooner, rather than later.